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Rolling basis


Numberly is recognized as one of the world's leading data marketing specialists with nearly 500 employees and 8 offices worldwide serving more than 500 blue-chip clients (L'Oréal, P&G, Groupe Seb, HSBC...). By putting technology to work for brands and consumers, Numberly is at the heart of business growth and everyone's desire for more responsible and relevant marketing. Numberly leverages the latest advances in data processing, analysis, and media activation in a virtuous cycle of business competitiveness, enhanced privacy, and data protection.

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Area of Responsibilities

Business, Operations & Strategy


  • Understand client briefs and their strategic issues.
  • Participate in brainstorming with creative and marketing teams.
  • Imagine and write digital campaigns on various media (collection operations, websites, social media, newsletters, banners, etc.).
  • Adapt your pen to the different tone of voice of our customers.
  • Participate in the creative and strategic monitoring of the company, including scheduling and analysis of results.
  • Enrich the teams with your unique personality!  
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  • You have beautiful writing and impeccable spelling.
  • You have an excellent digital and advertising culture. 
  • You are curious, passionate and rigorous.
  • You ideally have an appetite for CSR topics.
  • You have an excellent level of English, native level. French is a plus.
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