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Cloudflare research has four current program areas. We’re looking for interns with interest or expertise in one of these areas.

Network-layer privacy

This program is about reducing or eliminating metadata on the Internet that can be used to learn about user behavior online when viewed by an unauthorized party. This work helps upgrade Internet protocols so that metadata (hostnames -- via SNI, IP addresses, or fingerprintable data) can no longer be easily extracted from Internet packets. Example projects: Encrypted Client Hello (ECH), website fingerprinting protection, dynamic DNS and addressing agility, and connection coalescing.

Application-layer privacy

This program is about reducing or eliminating personal data at the application layer: applying innovative techniques based on splitting data between parties to make personal data superfluous or less identifiable so it isn’t needed in the delivery of powerful products and services both at Cloudflare and throughout the Internet ecosystem. Example projects: Cryptographic Attestation of Personhood, privacy-preserving analytics, Privacy Pass, and password-authenticated key exchange.

Internet and Network Measurement

This program is about measuring and mapping the components that are present on the Internet and how they interact with traffic. Cloudflare is among the most connected networks on the Internet. Work in this program measures the network to understand how it is evolving with an eye on helping improve availability, security, and performance. Example projects: BGP routing and security, IP address dynamics, denial-of-service, characterising security of online services.

Future-proofing the Internet

The Internet is evolving, both politically and technologically. This program is about building technologies and tools to anticipate the challenges that we anticipate when looking past the medium-term horizon. Example projects: deploying post-quantum cryptography through Cloudflare’s internal network, and building a geography-aware key management system.

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Area of Responsibilities

Research & Development
Software Engineering


Cloudflare's Research Team is solves difficult problems in security, performance, and privacy at scale using cryptographic tools. We are increasingly focussed network architectures and protocols, distributed systems, measurement and performance evaluation. This involves systems engineering, open source software development, protocol design, implementation of primitives, with lots of measurement alongside. We make cutting edge research contributions in-house, as well as in collaboration with academia, Internet standards organizations like the IETF, and more!

Successful candidates will be matched to suitable projects. We also welcome novel proposals and ideas that can help to inform or build a better Internet (in the form of a max 200 word proposal).

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  • Enrolled in a PhD or equivalent graduate research program in Computer Science or related STEM field (exceptional MSc or BSc may be considered with commensurate experience and evidence of contributions)
  • Must have proven record of research, standards, or equivalent peer-reviewed publication in a reputable venue in your field
  • Have or able to obtain authorization to work in the country where the position will be located (currently US, CA, UK, EU in countries where Cloudflare has offices, and CH).

Additional Requirements

Advanced knowledge or experience with at least one of the following:

  • Authentication protocols, applied cryptography, PKI and SSL/TLS
  • Computer networking protocols (TCP/IP, DNS, BGP, QUIC, etc.)
  • Measurement and performance evaluation for network and computer systems
  • Operating systems, distributed systems, caching and storage


  • Proven track record of independently driving projects in a fast-paced environment
  • Excellent communication skills on both technical and non-technical issues


 Bonus Points:

  • Proficiency in the following languages - Go, Rust, Javascript, C and/or Lua
  • Some specialization in cryptography
  • Experience with high throughput/low latency real-time systems and/or content delivery networks
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