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Intern/Part Time Undergraduate - Systems Hardware


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Manchester, +1

Rolling basis


We work in small to medium-sized teams with most following modern Agile principles. Engineers share and give ideas to others, document and present their work for discussion, review and support the efforts of others, whilst sharing their findings impartially and authoritatively.

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Area of Responsibilities



In this role, you will be introduced to various teams, our ways of working, be treated liked another engineer on the team to:

• Develop IP with design teams to deliver high quality, power efficient products.

• Analyse existing and trial new tool flows and propose improvements/automation

• Verify IP using many methodologies – constrained random simulation using testbenches written in SystemVerilog, running real applications on emulation or FPGA platforms, and using formal methods.

• Implement Arm IP in silicon process nodes using design automation tools.

• Develop system solutions using ARM IP for different market domains including mobile, IoT, datacenters, etc.

• Write specifications for Arm’s IP products and systems – analysing trade-offs between different options using software or hardware models.

• Verification and Implementation support for systems through the lifecycle of the design right up to the delivery to the customer.

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We are looking for the next generation of innovative students to join us! A key requirement is to be studying towards a degree in Electronic Engineering, Computer Engineering, Computer Science or any other relevant subject. Other degree types may be considered with significant experience.


• A motivated, independent, creative problem solver; technically adaptable,

• A strong analytical approach to problem solving

• Excellent attention to detail

• Good communication skills, ability to express ideas and communicate well

• Experience in at least one programming language.

“Nice To Haves"

 Other qualities that will make your application stand out:

• Have a real interest for computing that goes beyond your studies

• An interest in the semiconductor industry

• Knowledge of programming languages and object-oriented design using C++/Java or similar

• Curiosity about computer architecture fundamentals, digital design concepts, CPU architecture and microarchitecture features (such as caches, MMU, SMP, coherency, CPU pipelines)

• Familiarity with a hardware description language like VHDL or Verilog/SystemVerilog

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