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Information Technology Technical Placement Programme - 2023

🚀 Placement Program


Rolling basis


Now more than ever, the success of our business is underpinned by cutting-edge technology. As a placement student you’ll have an engineering mindset and be excited by the possibilities of exploring new digital directions. You’ll become a valued member of one of our teams, developing the solutions that support our business and enable its growth.

You’ll make use of Agile development practices, collaborating closely with a variety of colleagues across the business. You’ll quickly discover a wealth of technical expertise and be matched with a team that best suits your skills. You may find yourself developing bespoke software to help buyers strike deals; or devising better analytics and data visualisation tools in data warehousing; or configuring the core enterprise systems that run our business

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Area of Responsibilities



As part of our 11-month Placement programme, the first few months provides an opportunity to get to know your team and understand how they work. You’ll be given real hands-on experience from the beginning – solving live issues, building automated tests or developing new features. You’ll be discovering loads of ‘new-tech’, but you’ll also learn IT’s important business role. We never lose sight of the bigger picture here! Through visits to stores and processing centres, you’ll work alongside colleagues who use your team’s products every day.
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You’re here to get involved. Once you’re settled in your role, you can begin expanding your responsibilities – and follow your team’s projects from initial concept, through to finished product.As a Placement student on your third year of your sandwich degree course, you’ll acquire core skills and an extensive understanding of technology’s vital role in our success, with opportunities to move onwards and upwards in a role that’s right for you.As part of the IT Placement Programme, you will have a choice of two pathways, either an Engineer Route or Analyst route. Please see the different pathways below for detail:Engineer placement Route: (Platform Engineering / Data and Automation Solutions / Security and Engineering / Pro Code software Development / Product Configuration )/ Computer Science or a related STEM degree / Or related Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Maths degree/ A fascination for how technology drives business and enhances customer experience/ Curiosity for identifying better ways of doing things and challenging the status quo/ A truly collaborative mindset/ It doesn’t matter whether your forte is Python, HTML, mobile development, ERP apps, database tech, information security or anything else. What’s critical is that you have a solid understanding of software and a passion for using it to make a real difference.
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