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Industrial Placement - Data Engineer

BT Group

2mo ago

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Rolling basis


BT’s ability to deliver brilliant, personalised experiences for all of our 28 Petabytes of BT data and 30m customers is fundamental to our future success. As a business, we are investing extensively in the automation of our operations and networks, and in building our base management and data capabilities. This will allow us to take better decisions with data, and to act on them in an automated way across all our customer interactions.

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Area of Responsibilities



During this placement, you’ll be part of a team of highly skilled data engineers, you will create and maintain our logical data models, integrating data from multiple data sources into a central cloud repository. You will apply data cleansing and data standardisation rules, providing clear documentation of the business rules embedded in the system, with the potential of solving data quality issues through your team.

You will work closely with the wider team to understand what the data journey needs to look like and work closely with the Data Architect team, Data scientists and AI team to develop our products and services. You will write and maintain data engineering user documentation to provide transparency and maintain the knowledge base within the team.

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You should be in the penultimate year of a relevant STEM undergraduate degree course and on track to achieve a minimum 2:2.

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