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Gain experience working with major government, corporate, and institutional clients, as either a relationship or investment banker, providing tailored financial solutions to help them raise debt or equity, or to advise on negotiating a merger or an acquisition.

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Area of Responsibilities

Banking & Finance


Corporate and Institutional Banking InternshipYou’ll work in a dedicated team focused on specific client groups across corporate and institutional clients.You’ll see first-hand how relationship bankers work with teams like trade finance, cash management, capital markets, investment banking, and markets and securities services, to grow client relationships and analyse profitability, risks and other factors involved in transactions.You’ll gain insight into how relationship bankers and broader coverage teams across geographies work with product partners and other HSBC functions such as legal, credit, and risk.You’ll learn how we incorporate Environmental, Social and Governance considerations into our client solutions, ranging from sustainable supply chains to raising green bonds.You’ll be responsible for researching and understanding clients for the purposes of developing business and managing risk.A day at work may include creating client presentations ahead of strategic meetings and pitches; preparing credit papers; analysing client information; supporting client strategic reviews; and client planning.Capital Financing and Investment Banking CoverageYou’ll work with a dedicated team focused on specific transactions, products, or market sectors in your region, interacting with other Global Banking teams around the world, to deliver the best strategic solutions based on our clients’ needs.You’ll have the opportunity to work within one of our core client facing teams, such as Advisory and Investment Banking Coverage, Capital Markets, Real Assets, and Structured Finance or Issuer Services.You’ll prepare and review materials used in delivering our tailored financial and advisory solutions to clients, including investment documentation, management presentations, and pitchbooks by thoroughly researching market conditions, current events and future developments.You’ll gain a deeper understanding of how various types of financial models are used for mergers and acquisitions, and debt and equity financing transactions.
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Corporate and Institutional Banking InternshipYou’re interested in financial markets and proactively take opportunities to satisfy your intellectual curiosity.You’re a team player who uses interpersonal skills to build strong relationships, communicate effectively and influence opinions.You’re a problem-solving self-starter who knows how to prioritise and manage your time effectively.You catch the details and read the fine print. Analysing data and situations excites you because you never stop asking, ‘Why?’Capital Financing and Investment Banking CoverageYou’re intellectually curious and have a keen interest in financial markets. You prioritise with ease and commit yourself fully to tasks.You learn fast and thrive working in a fast-moving environment that can demand challenging outputs and timelines.Details don’t escape your attention. Teamwork and collaboration are how you work. Communicating clearly and concisely is how you make your views and opinions known.You’re a strategic and logical thinker that likes to analyse data and situations.
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