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Encode Internship Programme

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Oct 10

ūüöÄ Off-cycle


Rolling basis


The Encode Internship Programme allows you to try different parts of the company with a view to joining full-time later. It is designed for talented students who want to try web3 and working at Encode, one of the fastest growing education companies in the space!

The Internship Programme lasts 3 months, after which the best will be offered an extension or a full-time job.

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Area of Responsibilities

Business, Operations & Strategy


Sit with each of the Programmes, Operations, Talent and growth teams for a few weeks each.Programmes runs Encode’s events like hackathons, bootcamps, accelerators and courses. They help to bring talented people through Encode that can then start companies and get jobs in web3.Operations runs all of Encode’s back-office and marketing. They help make sure all programmes and Encode’s activities stay organised and are well attended.Talent helps place the great people who finish Encode’s programmes into awesome jobs!Growth helps with Encode’s partnerships, particularly sales with leading protocols.After 3 months, the best will be offered an extension or a full-time job.
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Current students, ideally part of a university blockchain club or society;self-motivated and very efficient at getting tasks done;showing a strong desire and determination to grow and succeed;demonstrably hard working and able to work independently;knowledgeable about blockchain technology, either through working for a blockchain company, being part of a blockchain student club/society, being part of Encode’s community or demonstrable personal investigation;adaptable and able to move fast;confident, out-going and have strong presentational skills;have a demonstrable interest in education.
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great pay;work remotely;given responsibility from day 1, and the ability to grow fast;help building a network in the crypto space;being part of a fast-growing company and team; andtraining about blockchain.
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