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Diamond Pin Design Competition

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CONCEPT: Transform our expectations of a traditional lapel pin/brooch into a symbol of generational expression, societal comment or social activism using laboratory grown diamonds. 

CONTEXT: The competition references the heritage of diamond jewellery design & diamonds as an enduring symbol of love in our culture. However, we are turning this notion on its head and conjuring more youthful connotations & statement.

Throughout history and most notably in the 1980s, badges and pins were instrumental to youth protest, the punk movement and social rebellion. We invite you to reimagine the lapel pin as a symbol of your generational esprit, be it social activism or a call for beauty in an increasingly turbulent world.

The pin should celebrate the zeitgeist which focuses on sustainability, affordability, new materials, styles & creative expression. This will be promoted and presented by participants & evaluated on design, creativity and styling


To reimagine lapel pins in laboratory grown diamond as a symbol of the zeitgeist / contemporary culture & beauty


  • ANY current student of jewellery, fashion or design at any university, irrespective of geographic location. 
  • Must be currently enrolled as either on an undergraduate or graduate course
  • Students may be either as an individual, or in a group of up to 4 students
  • One submission only per individual/group entrants
  • Open to all genders 
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