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Illusionist, the film animator creates both magical and technical visual representations. He gives life to lifeless representations by superseding one to another so as to create a story. This story, we invite you to find the universal magic. Imagine the characters, the storyline and the scenery, that are going to awe both young and old alike. Your job as an animation film maker is to invent, without using words, something that will touch the hearts of men and woman all over the world. What a tremendous challenge! It’s all up to you.


● Please add English subtitles to all languages in the work, including dialogue, monologue, titles and other language of information. The translation should be precise and comprehensive. If not, the work will be disqualified.

● No signature or creator information should be included in the work.

Note for work submission:

● Format type: MOV, AVI or MPEG4.

● Maximum length (including credits): 15 minutes.

● You can either upload in the official website or send it via Google Drive/Baidu Drive.

● If you upload it in the official website, the size of the file must not exceed 1GB. Please use H.264 general compression code.

● Please also submit 3 images of your work (format type: JPG, maximum size: 5MB, resolution: 300dpi) for promotion.

● Please submit other supplementary files.

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