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We want your business to benefit from the best ideas and products in packaging. As the largest packaging distributor in the UK, we are uniquely well placed to make sure it does. Of course we can offer you the widest possible range of protective packaging products but we can do much, much more.

We can consider your entire packaging operation – from storage to the moment your products arrive on your customers’ doorstep. We’ll show you where the avoidable costs are hiding and how our comprehensive range of innovative products and services can help you find and reduce them, or even eliminate them completely.

We call these costs the Significant Six and at their worst they can make up 90% of a packaging operation’s costs.

By targeting them, we can help you to develop a resilient, flexible and cost-effective packaging operation that protects your products, your brand and your business; an operation that takes seasonal fluctuations in its stride and can adapt to your changing needs. The services and products you’ll find on this website are the building blocks for just such an operation.

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